"Our Values"

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Our Values are simple:


•To provide our customers with a high quality support service that focuses on maximising independence and aims to enable the person to be as autonomous as possible.

•To offer a responsive and flexible way of working with individuals.

•To provide a suitably trained work force who are able to deliver a quality service that focuses on empowerment and enablement.

•Where possible to delay the deterioration of well-being associated with ageing, illness and disability.

“Libra Care Limited works on the implicit basis of providing an enablement service aimed at reducing commissioned care hours required by the customer.


It is our primary aim to increase positive health related quality of life and social care related outcomes compared to traditional domiciliary models of care.


Our vision is to work with customers in a holistic and person centred way that encourages empowerment for an individual in exercising their right to live as independently as possible.


Through clear and consistent assessment and reviewing processes, the choices, wishes, aspirations and progress made by an individual is recognised, supporting the individual to achieve and realise their full potential


Stay in control of your future.


Contact Libra Care and see how we can support you to support yourself.

"Our Mission"

"Your Future"

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