Libra Care Limited is an independent agency designed to offer enablement services to individuals and we have been offering our care and support services for over two years.



National trends have seen a shift from automatically assuming that long term residential placements are the only substantive way of ensuring individuals get the quality care and support they need and deserve.



The introduction and promotion of Individual Budgets and Personal Allowances are designed to give the customer more control and choice over their levels of support and who provides them.



At Libra Care we understand the importance of remaining in your own community environment and our enablement and support to live at home services help you to achieve this.



Our philosophy about Home Care Services are about helping you, to help yourself by working alongside you whilst maintaining a respectful, dignified and professional approach.



Ours services are designed to work in a holistic way with the customer to maintain pre-existing levels of independence or develop new skills so that the maximisation of independence can be achieved.



Libra Care can assist you with daily living skills and personal care and have extensive knowledge and expertise in:



•Supporting individuals who are medically fit for discharge from a hospital environment and ready to return to their own home.


•Supporting individuals who require short term intervention in their home environment whilst convalescing from a recent illness or disability.


•Supporting individuals who wish to improve upon their own levels of independence but need the support to be able to achieve this.